Bronson is an 18-month-old Boxer x Bulldog who came to us in January 2021 due to the owner’s change of circumstance. He hasn’t ever lived with cats but loves every dog he sees so would be suitable to live with a dog that could cope with his madness! He can live with children but over the age of 10 due to him being boisterous when playing as he quite often runs into staff legs to get out of his way!

Bronson does have skin irritation and cruciate problems on his back legs so, for this reason, he isn’t up for adoption at the moment. We believe his skin is controlled with a special diet. His back legs are being monitored very closely and exercise being increased so all fingers crossed we won’t have any more problems with this. Once we feel he is back to full health he will then be available for adoption.

Bronson loves everyone he meets and loves to pin you down for some slobbery kisses and a big hug. The reception staff are on cuddle duty a majority of the time that he is upstairs, we have him in the reception area regularly to give him a break from being in his kennel.

Due to having problems with his legs he isn’t able to go off the lead at the moment so his enrichment includes lots of treat games and interaction in our mock room that is set up like a living room.

Currently not available for adoption but you can still support and sponsor.