Rolo came to us in February 2020 as his owners were no longer allowed pets on the property. He is a lively 3-year-old Husky x Springer Spaniel who has a lot of love to give to people he knows.

Rolo does have some behavioural problems with other dogs and some strangers. This is worked on every day by the staff through training and enrichment. Since the beginning of lockdown, his issues have improved and all kennel staff are now able to walk him and spend time with him. He does have a very high prey drive so staff do have to be careful when walking him by our livestock and small animals.

Rolo is such a friendly, happy boy who now has the luxury of our double kennel with twice as much space to play with footballs (which are his favourite!) and chill out on his very own sofa. He has time off the lead in our paddocks daily to burn some energy but is more than happy to come back for cuddles and a few treats. Rolo is a big softy at heart and loves a cuddle with staff at any moment he possibly can!

Although Rolo does have his friendly side, he can be unpredictable with people. He is not good with dogs at all so does need to be walked with a muzzle on at all times and unable to be let off the lead unless in our enclosed paddocks. He can sometimes be a handful to walk, as he is very strong and determined.

Due to Rolo being here for a longer time, he does go home with staff members regularly to give him a break from kennels. He enjoys walks in different places to discover new smells and takes over the sofa when he’s at home. He is a lazy boy when in a home and just wants to sleep!

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