Portugal Paws

Portugal Paws

Adams Story.

Adam is one of our recent arrivals, he was living on the streets and attacked by a stray dog pack, sadly a common occurrence in Portugal.

You can see from the pictures on the more details tab below how terrible his injury was, when he was picked up his rescuers worried they would be called in by the Police as they had so much blood on them.

 Here is the account of what happened during the rescue.

 “A man saw it and called us but we did not hear the phone so he came to the Canil (pound) and explained what happened, but he only said blood on his leg, we didn’t know it was this bad!   We quickly found him where the man said, gave him some fluids at the site and put him in the car and I drove straight to the clinic. I called ahead and they were waiting for me, and stabilized him. They operated the next day as he was in shock. I am so proud of him he never complained every day the wound from the amputation was cleaned, he never growled or even curled his lip. He was always happy to see people.”

After some time in foster once he joined us here at Woodside, Adam was adopted and is now happily settled into his new home, and isn't held back by only having three legs.

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Portugal, how it started.

Portugal, how it started.

Bridget Hicks. Algarve Portugal.

Bridget left her portuguese property to two long term friends, Woodsides Founder Carole Bowles MBE being one of them. 

A lack of clarity in Bridget's Will, together with limited assistance from officials in Portugal left the animals in her care, with an uncertain future. 

Thus it was that Carole travelled to the Algarve to meet Bridget's Trust Fund Managers. As a result of this meeting, the officials were persuaded to finance the transportation of Bridget's animals to Woodside, based in Devon. There were thirteen in total, eight dogs and five cats. From here the sanctuary have found suitable homes for all except two of the dogs, Lucky and Nelly, who will stay at our refuge as residents as, for various complex behavioural and medical reasons, finding suitable homes for them is nigh on impossible. 

So began Woodside's link with animal welfare in The Algarve. 

Subsequent meetings with several Algarve animal charities and extensive investigations into their work and welfare priorities has resulted in a commitment to work with these organisations in memory of Bridget. Carole's share of the proceeds of the sale of Bridgets property is being used to this end. Woodside Animal Welfare Trust has set up a fund into which donations in support of work in The Algarve can be made. 

The fund will be kept completely seperate to all the funds raised or donated for Woodside's work in our local community, and will in no way detract from that work. 

Keep an eye on facebook and our homing page for updates on our work.

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