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Trixie has been going home for weekends with one of our committee members.  This info has come from her foster home:

Quiet, gentle and unassuming around the house - was a bit cautious at first.  Cleanand very well behaved - took everything in her stride. She's absolutley perfect in the house.

Went straight into the dog bed first night when told and stayed there until we got up in the morning - no sound.

By the end of the weekend she was beginning to look if you left the room - settled very well.

No issues with men in the home - she looked to make friends with everyone in the family.

Was very good in the garden, she was alert and interested in her surroundings but she listens a lot and reacts to your voice so should be easy to train.

Loves water, the couch, the bed and being around people.

Walked well with friends dog - also reacted well with dogs in public.  

I wouldn't personally let her off the lead unless in a secure area as I don't think she would come back if she caught a scent - you could be hours chasing her to get her back.  However she is quite happy in an existing lead.