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Sponsor a cat pod

The sanctuary offer both individual cat sponsorship and cat pod sponsorship. The main difference is that individual sponsorship is only available on the elderly or special needs cats. These cats live in one of two special units and have free roam of the sanctuary by day. We have now introduced a sponsorship scheme for our main cattery. this will enable sponsors to support a flow of different cats as they come in and then go on to loving homes.

This scheme will run purely on our website so the administration costs will be minimal, meaning your donation goes soley to help the cats you are sponsoring. The cost of sponsoring a cat pod is £50 per year/£4.17 per month. Cattery sponsors names will be displayed on this website, next to the cat currently in occupation. That will mean sponsors will be able to see 'their' cat whenever they log on to this site.

If you would like to sponsor a cat pod please download and print a sponsorship formgift aid form and standing order form and return the completed forms to us. 

Cat Pod 1

Cat Pod 1

Sponsors of cat pod 1:

  • Mr & Mrs Battershill

  • Mrs G Smith

  • Sid Latimer

  • Jane Pimlott

  • Kate Maguire

  • Rachel Smith

  • Mr Neil Milne

  • Alison Barnes

  • Miss Lynn Rowe


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Cat Pod 2

Cat Pod 2

Sponsors of cat pod 2:

  • Tony & Hilda Grundy

  • Mr & Mrs Heseltine 

  • Liz Lewis

  • Jane Pimlott

  • James Shelton

  • Nikki Randle

  • Mrs Betty Gibbings

  • Iris Punchard

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Cat Pod 3

Cat Pod 3

Sponsors of cat pod 3:

  • Des & Viv Hynes  

  • Sue Nicholls for 'Libby'   

  • Miss Lake and Mr Matthews

  • Biddle Family - Julie, Nick, Christopher and Lauren




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Cat Pod 4

Cat Pod 4

Sponsors of cat pod 4: 

  • Dora Rowe

  • Liz Down.

  • Mabel Mcvenie- my Mother (late) a cat lover too.

  • In memory of Ruth Biddle.

  • Mrs Audrey Harrison.



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Cat Pod 5

Cat Pod 5

Sponsors of cat pod 5:

  • In Memory of Ellie Thomas

  • Sarah & Jason Hopkins for Kit Kat

  • Stephen Biggs

  • Mr James Kavanagh

  • Tim and Jane Read

  • Rebekah Leigh Mackay

  • Heather Kearney

  • In memory of Frank Warner, good friend and neighbour.


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Feral cat pen sponsor pen 1

Feral cat pen sponsor pen 1

Sponsors of feral cat pens help support our trap, neuter, release scheme and any feral cats or kittens that we are caring for which  require specialist homes.

Sponsors of this pen:

  • Chris Trace - Plymouth Feral Cat Rescue

  • Holly Blockley

  • Langstone Manor Holiday Park.

  • Miss Hayley North

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