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Our sanctuary relies on support from caring people like you.

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We have a wide selection of cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and rodents who are looking for good homes!

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Woodside will always try its best to ensure that all pets find appropriate, loving homes. However, due to age or illness, some will never be selected and remain as much loved residents.

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Legacies are a real life line for our animals and our work in providing them with a second chance at life.

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Vital updates and information as well as our blog “straight from the sanctuary”. Follow us as we walk you through a day and life at the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust.

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Our sponsorship packages make great Christmas gifts or Birthday presents with a local focus. It’s also great for business who want a charity partner.

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Membership helps us to get information out to people who care. If you only read the newsletter and pass it on, you will be helping pets in need.

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We are very active in the local community. We have experienced staff Community Welfare Officers that we send to these areas whenever funding allows.

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You can help us continue our vital work by attending our events. Get involved; we would love to see you at the next one.

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We have a wish list on Amazon which includes items we need at the sanctuary.

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Meet the residents

Meet the residents of our sanctuary.

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Adopt a pet

We have a wide selection of cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and rodents who are looking for good homes!

How we helped last year

Pets helped by rehoming services

Lifelong residents on site

Animals spayed or neutered

Work started in 1974

Member of staff and Loki the Malamute

MBE in 2000

A little about us

The Woodside Animal Welfare Trust is an animal rehoming charity (registered charity number 1143122) based on the outskirts of Plymouth in Devon.  The foundation of Woodside’s broad field of work was begun in 1974 by Carole Bowles.  Her significant contribution to animal welfare was finally recognised in 2000 when she was made an MBE by Her Majesty, The Queen.

As well as the young and healthy, our countryside sanctuary always has a collection of much loved resident pets that are unlikely to be adopted, such as the elderly and long-term sick.  Sanctuary animals include dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters etc as well as a few hand reared sheep, goats and a pot bellied pig.

Responsible pet ownership is actively encouraged and, when funds allow, we send experienced Welfare Officers into deprived areas.  Here, they help owners understand their pet’s needs and promote our spay and neuter scheme, which will have prevented thousands of unwanted litters over the years.

Woodside is a large and vital safety net for vulnerable animals.  Running costs are high as many of our pets need veterinary attention and may be with us for weeks as they recover.

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