Adopting a feral cat

Some of the cats that Woodside take in are not suitable to live in a home or family environment.  Feral cats are cats that are used to living outside and avoid human contact.  They do not allow themselves to be handled or touched and instead prefer to hide from humans. Woodside carries out a large amount of work in the community, working with local farms to control the feral cat population.  Where possible we run a ‘Trap, Neuter, Release’ scheme whereby we work with owners of the land to neuter and the release the cats back into the environment they are used to.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible and in these cases we care for these cats at the sanctuary and the look to find suitable homes.

Feral cats take less maintenance than domestic cats and generally just need food, water, shelter and someone to keep an eye on them.  They do very well when they have a large area to roam and investigate and are popular to help control pests due to their strong hunting instincts. Ideal rehoming environments include farms, stables and garden centres.

At Woodside feral cats are neutered, microchipped, flea sprayed and wormed.  Unless they become unwell they will require any further health treatments.  Whilst they enjoy spending their time outside, it is necessary for them to be confined to a secure, indoor area for approximately six weeks initially.  This is vital so that the cat can get used to its new surroundings and will reduce the chance of the cat becoming lost.  In some environments this can often be tricky but rest assured that our experienced staff have plenty of ideas of how to make a temporary confined space and we will be happy to have a chat.

Feral Cat Sid

If you are thinking of adopting a feral cat please ensure you are able to provide two meals a day of food and fresh water, have a large area (at least half an acre) for the cat to explore and a secure shelter where the cat will be safe, warm and dry.  If you can answer yes to all these requirements and think you would like to adopt a feral cat please give us a call on 01752 347503 and have a chat with one of our cattery staff.

Adoption costs for feral cats is £70 and incudes:

Poorly cat


Cat chipped

Micro chipping

Wormed cat

Flea and worm treatment

Needle in vets hand

Initial vaccinations

Black cat looking up

Any other treatment the cat has required. For example many of our feral cats are FIV tested.