Giving up a pet

Giving an animal up for adoption is not an easy decision and will cause a lot of upset and stress for the majority of people.

What happens when you give up your pet

Once the decision has been made to rehome a pet there are many options available and we think it’s important to make the right decision. We understand that circumstances do change and we never judge anyone who has to rehome their pet. Contacting rescues like Woodside is far more responsible for advertising on the internet and selling privately.

The first step would be to give our main reception a call on 01752 347503. Our experienced staff will be able to have a friendly chat with you to take all the necessary details and answer any questions you may have. Once we have all the information we will be able to assess whether we would be able to offer a space at our sanctuary. Please note that these spaces are often in high demand and there may be a waiting list for all types of animals.

We guarantee to:

  • Provide a safe environment, with a routine.
  • Daily exercise for our dogs either off the lead in one of our enclosed paddocks or on the lead in the adjacent forest Cann Woods. Our paddocks allow for the socialisation with dogs which is vital to gaining information to find the correct home.
  • Dedicated staff who can help the most anxious animals settle and can assess the most suitable home that is required. Once the animal is settled, staff will look to find a new owner.
  • A lifetime guarantee to take the animal back to the sanctuary. Woodside will ALWAYS take an animal back if needed and we hope that by doing our utmost to ensure we always know where the animal is, we can prevent the animal from being passed from pillar to post. This ensures that our adoptees know that they always have someone to turn to.
  • Veterinary attention. All animals are checked by a vet before leaving the sanctuary. Woodside ensures all worming and flea treatment is up to date. 
  • If any further treatment is needed such as urine or blood tests or dentals, then this is also done whilst the animal is at the sanctuary.
  • Neutering – Any animal who is old enough is neutered before leaving the sanctuary and those that are too young are given neutering vouchers and checked to ensure they have been done as soon as they are old enough.
  • Long term sanctuary for as long as the animal needs. If the animal is elderly, has medical or behavioural problems they may find they are harder to rehouse. Woodside can provide specialist, long term care for any animal that may need it.
Dumbo the dog knows he will be looked after, even though he's a given up pet.
Member of Woodside staff feeding a dog a treat

Animals in Woodside’s care

Once an animal comes into Woodside they will be given time to settle and be assessed. If there are no problems their profile will be added to the sanctuary website Adopt Me pages. This allows potential adopters to register an interest and then the Rehoming Officers will find the best possible match. Due to the current Covid restrictions, home visits are no able to be carried out.

Woodside now carries our virtual home visits and then arrange for the potential adopter to visit the sanctuary to meet the animal. If all goes well and the animal is adopted, our Welfare Officers will carry out an after home visit as soon as time allows. In an ideal world, this will usually be done between 6-12 months after adoption but with current guidelines, this may not be allowed.

Protect your pet

If you are worried that your pet may out live you then Woodside can help.  If you do not have a family or friends that will be able to help, then Woodsides

If you are worried that your pet may out live you then Woodside can help.  If you do not have a family or friends that will be able to help, then Woodsides Protect Your Pet scheme may be for you.

Two cute little black kittens begin held by a member of Woodside staff