Barney, Fallon and Whisper

Originally from the moors, our trio of ponies can normally be seen grazing in their fields or taking refuge from the elements in their purpose built shelter.

The oldest pony, Whisper, lives with her two offspring, Barney and Fallon, and she is given extra grass and 2 mash feeds a day to help her with her old age. A sweet but shy pony, Whisper averages at about 25 years of age and can often be seen sporting a rug to help keep her extra warm.

A year older than her brother, Whisper’s daughter Fallon is a really chilled pony, however she can get impatient when she knows it’s feeding time. Fallon has some really unusual markings on her face and it often looks as if she’s dipped one half of her face in dark paint, as the rest of her is mostly white/grey!

Barney, as the youngest of the group, has an extremely cheeky personality and will try to push his luck and test staff daily, particularly if they’re asking him to do something he’s no so keen on doing.