Flopsy is a spayed female, adult French lop. She is looking for a home with an experienced rabbit owner, with no children. Flopsy is looking for an outdoor home only, preferable with full access to a garden and a shed or Wendy house. She is a very big character and often follows us around, but can sometimes be grumpy. Flopsy is a confident, head strong rabbit whom loves attention, she loves attention so much that when you stop stroking her she sometimes bites.

She can not live with children due to her unpredictability and past trauma, but she would like be homed with a neutered male rabbit of similar size, as she is quite large. She has lived happily with neutered male French lop previously. She was returned to us recently as she didn’t get along with the other rabbit in the home and took a dislike to female owner. She is very tame and inquisitive and we feel she has great potential with the right owner who has experience and understands her needs.