Clever Husky Sharpei X Luca is searching for new owners who can match his speed both mentally and physically.
This young, intelligent boy is a bundle of energy who loves charging around in the fields with his canine companions and challenging his brain with enrichment activities.
After nine months searching for his forever home, Luca hopes it will not be long before he finds an owner who appreciates his goofy, stubborn and mischievous ways!
Luca, who turns two soon, needs an adult-only home and an experienced owner who will continue his training, especially around food, which he has been known to guard.
Luca will need someone at home for much of the day or potentially an owner who can take him to work so that he is not left alone for long periods.
Luca has a high prey drive and needs a home with no other pets.
Luca enjoys a game of hide and seek with his treats, and loves to use his brain when it comes to enrichment time. He can be both goofy and mischievous so will need a home that can both laugh at him but also work with him to keep strict boundaries.