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Kennel 10
Kennel 10

Dog's name: Yuko

Yuko is a 9 month Lurcher cross Malinois who is looking for a adult only, experienced owner. Due to a poor start in life he is missing many manners that a dog his age should have.  Sadly he is also one of four of the same litter to find themselves in a rescue home. 


He isn't good with cats or small furries but does like dogs, although can't live with another. We are socialising him with dogs as he still is unsure of how he should behave in social situations. He has no idea of the correct way to deal with his emotions and this is not going to be a quick fix. At the moment he deals with his emotions by mouthing his handler, which is unsatisfactory.


Yuko does suffer with seperation anxiety and needs someone who has the time and patience to work with him. 


Yuko is asking for a lot we know, but we are sure that in time he can find his way.  With the right owner who has lots of time and patience Yuko will reward with all his love.