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Cat Pod 1


Charlie is a female tabby/tortioseshell, who is 12 years of age.

She came into us rather underweight and rather hungry all the time! Due to her age this was a concern there was a possibilty of an underlying issue, we decided to do bloods and a urine sample, which came back fine. She still doesn't seem to be gaining weight as quick as we would like but she is slowly gaining a bit of weight which is a relief for us, she gets 3 meals a day which she won't complain about any time soon!. She still tends to drink alot so the staff keep a close eye on this. Due to the concerns for possible underlying health issues there is a chance that Charlie will gain a place here with us as a permanent resident. She would be introduced into one of our cat rooms slowly and when ready she will eventually be allowed to roam the gardens during the day. She will be able to enjoy all the different smells and hidey spots ( which often see staff crawling through bushes to find the residents) as well as enjoy the sunshine when it appears!

Charlie does have a flea allergy so we have to flea treat her monthly so that she doesn't get itchy skin and lick and bite herself. She isn't much of a fan of having the spot on put on her, but as long as there are dreamies involved it's plain sailing!

Charlie is shy to start with but she has such a gentle and sweet nature the staff can't help but stop and give her cheek rubs when passing. She spends alot of time chilled out in bed or having a cat nap with her favourite snuggly toy Mr giraffe! 

She enjoys a lick-e-matt with some food on and will even venture out her bed to enjoy this enrichment treat. We think given half the chance she would hog a staffs lap all day for nap time and cuddles.