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Cat Pod 6
Cat Pod 6


Digger is a 2 year old Bengal, he arrived at the sancturary due to owners ill health.

Whilst with us he had to have some dental work as we found he had chipped a few of his teeth. So now he is missing a few teeth not that it affects him in anyway, he eats everything he can get his paws onto!

Being a bengal Digger is extremly active and vocal! So any new owners would need to prepared to have alot of conversations with Digger day and night. Some of these converstaions may have some back chat on Diggers behalf.

He likes to play and sometimes will carry a toy in his mouth proud as punch that he's caught the toy.

During his daily corridor excercise time Digger will make a bee-line for two things, the first being the treat box if he can get his head into that box for some dreamies he will. ( A cats love for dreamies is extreme!) or he will make a run for our cat wheel that we have placed in the corridor. He will happily run on the wheel to burn off some energy whilst the staff clean his pen. 

Staff have noticed that when called back he will often come running back tail bolt right up in the air, it might have something to do with the possibility of dreamies for coming back to being called.