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Cat Pod 7
Cat Pod 7


Tinkerbell is a 10 year old, tabby and white short haired female cat.

She came in to us due to no longer being wanted. She is a lovely girl that enjoys attention on her terms. She is quite a quiet cat and tends to keep herself to herself until its food time. They do say the way to a cats heart is through their stomach and that is the case with Tinkerbell. Meal times she isn't shy to use her meows to get the food quicker than the staff can put it in her pen!

Although she enjoys attention, the staff have found that she will let you know when shes had enough fuss and will give a small boop to say shes finished. Whilst staying with us we have found that Tinkerbell really isn't a fan of the vet and actually stole the vets stethascope on her first vet visit with her paws! She just wanted everyone to be sure she was the boss, but she soon let go and accepted some fuss and attention instead.