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Become a Friend Of Woodside and make a difference.

Annual £15 or Life £150

Members receive two lively, sixteen page newsletters full of pictures and stories about our animals, work and events. It's especially useful for people who can't come to the sanctuary or are concerned that they may want to take all our pets home if they do! We're very much aware that we're not on a bus route and that the sight of so many unwanted animals can be distressing - even if they are the lucky ones to be safe with us.

Membership is very important to us as it enables us to get information out to people who care. If you do nothing other than read your newsletter and pass it on, you will be actively helping pets in need.

Simply send a request with your cheque made payable to Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, or call the sanctuary on 01752347503 to make a card payment over the phone.