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Due to the new regulations we are currently working from a kitten list. 

This list will be marked as open (ie. we are takling names and addresses for those wanting kittens) or closed when the kitten list is full. 

Please keep an eye in this page as it will be stated here when the list is open or closed and it can change daily.

Please remember that there is a kitten season with kittens only being born in summer months, generally May - September.

We are the best value for kitten adoption. Every kitten comes:





Flea sprayed

Kitten list current status - CLOSED.

Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a much higher number of boy kittens rather than girls. If you are on the list, we will continue to try and match you with your prefered request, however this may take a little while. 

To register interest call us on 01752347503

Please be aware not all kittens are ready to leave us at the sanctuary.